When is The Best Time to Visit Vietnam: Everything You Should Know

Best Time to Visit Vietnam | Seek The Hidden

Vietnam’s recent geography generates a wide of weather designs with both steamy and moderate zones. Whereas If you make a plan in March then the amazing weather landscape would look so much captivating and attractive to you. Then there would not be any bad time to visit Vietnam, since there is always some part of the country with the skies of the holiday. You plan for your holiday with so much enthusiasm; after all, it’s your time to take a break from all the work and personal stuff as well.

You do not have to worry about it at all as we are just going to provide you with some guidance about the climate of Vietnam’s basic regions and terminuses. Moreover, you would know that what to expect during your trip or what is not. Once you get all the details about when is the Best Time To Visit Vietnam completely, then it could help you well to make the planning of your trip great. Pay heed to these explanations so that you can get good help.

When Should You Visit Vietnam?

It is important for you to know that the weather of Vietnam differs significantly as you go from north to south, from moderate to steamy weather. The Best Time to Visit Vietnam is when the days are basically great and enjoyable. The temperature would also be moderate and rainfall will also be light as well. The tropical monsoons also get heavy rains and infrequent flooding during other parts too. If the temperature is extreme then this could also make your summer days awkwardly sticky and hot too. Well, the other amazing thing is that you can also visit multiple regions of Vietnam too.

When To Visit North Vietnam?

The experiences of the North Vietnam cold which is normally cold dry from December to February where the temperature overnight could dip to 4 degree Celsius. If we talk about the months of summers such as May to August then you will get the idea that these months are conventionally extremely damp and hot as well. The best time to visit North Vietnam is on March till April and autumn weather too when the days are basically sunny and warm too.

When To Visit Central Vietnam?

The price of central Vietnam is sometimes assaulted by typhoons during its wet season too. It is also very hard to estimate when these heavy rains and hurricanes such as winds could hit the cities which are coastal such as Hot an, but basically, the typhoon seasons possesses from August to November too. The season of rain basically diminishes in February, when you could just expect warmer temperatures and more sunshine too. Whereas, the travelers would also experience pleasant weather in central Vietnam any time between February and August. So, now you know that what is the Best Time to Visit Vietnam and you must make a plan according to that.

When To Visit South Vietnam?

The warm experiences of South Vietnam and the great experience make the travel amazing and best at any time. The dry season basically runs from December to May and if we talk about the rainy season then it runs from June till November. The important thing to know about this is that flooding could also come, and then rain basically comes in short bursts and hardly affects the travel too. Even though the season of monsoon is sometimes the best and suitable time for shooting as an affected thunderhead float. Moreover, you may also search for the temperatures which will be intolerable from March to May when the mercury daily reaches 40 degrees.

Know About The Weather Conditions of Northern Vietnam:

It is also very vital for you to know about the weather situations as well. The reason is it would help you to get the details about the weather situations. Once you will have the idea then you will be able to plan your trip according to that. Weather conditions are must to know as it could leave you in trouble too sometimes. That is the reason whenever you are supposed to go somewhere then you should always see the condition of the weather if it is fine or not.

Weather in Halong Bay:

Halong Bat | Best Time to Visit Vietnam

In case, if you just plan to go to Halong bay then you need to visit from April to June or September to November. This way you would get a good option of enjoying sunny skies and great temperatures too. The rainstorm or heavy haze is mainstream, and tropical storms could often affect the voyage annulments. Moreover, if you are going on the side of water then this time you could also experience a more mystical side of the Halong bay with its renowned karts masked in the haze. The temperatures in January could also be cold, so it is essential for you to bring some more warn stuff with you as well. So, the temperature would help you to think when you can get the Best Time To Visit Vietnam amazingly.

Weather Condition in Hanoi:

Hanoi | Seek The Hidden

The amazing and great time to visit Hanoi is basically from April to June or from September to December. The days are usually hot, infrequently above 30 degrees with clear skies. The temperature would be very cold in September to November of around 25 degrees and sunny skies suitable to explore the capital. If you will visit Hanoi in June, then you could expect rising temperatures with highs of 40 degrees humidity If you make the plan in December, then you will get to know that it is misty, cool, and impressive, moreover from late December until March temperatures are amazingly cold with minimum lows of 10 degrees.

Weather Condition in Sapa:

Sapa Valley

The northern Vietnam destinations like a sapa have a much more chiller climate than all of the country, especially from late December until March and the spa sees the chance of snowfall in January. This is the reason you need to make your all things arranged perfectly, the northern Vietnam terminus like sapa get so much amazing and chill climate than the respite of the country, especially from the late December till March. The hotels in the area are fortified with heated blankets and local spas also give herbal baths for you to soak in and warm yourself up too. These baths are extremely soothing and relaxing for your body and yourself too.

Weather Condition in Hue:

Hue Vietnam

The hue home of Vietnam’s last regulating family gets so many late rainy seasons, with storms. The days are usually cool and wet from September to February. This is the reason you need to search for the irregular submerging from September to November and in the early months of the year, the temperatures could also godown to 15 degrees and January sometimes look so much mist. The remaining sky of the year will be all dry and in July you would get the suitable weather of the beach with highs of 35 degrees.

Weather Condition in Hoi An:

Hoi An

You will surely be happy to know that this place is amazing for the pictures, but commencing in September, the tropical storms also hit the central Vietnam firm. The month of March is the best time to see the Hoi An, when the arenas, parks, and streets are awash in the cheerful blossoms and calming greens. The town could also be hot from May to August and you would aspire to go to the beach too to have some fun. In the middle of the year such as from September to November, the Hoi An looks for so much rain and even and you could see some small floods too. The temperatures commence to dip and reach their unkindest point in January by warming up just before the New Year in Vietnam.

Know About The Weather Conditions In Southern Vietnam:

Since you have known the weather conditions of northern Vietnam. So, now it is also very important for you to know about the southern Vietnam weather conditions which would help you as well to plan your trip accordingly.

Weather Condition of HCMC and Mekong Delta:

HCMC and Mekong Delta | Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Southern Vietnam has persistent temperatures perennial. The HCMC sometimes get hot, or dry, and rainy. Even though, there are also some great and best fresh days previously in the year, and some boiling days in the middle of the year. If we estimate the temperature then it would be round about 30 degrees with some sunshine. So, from May to November, the wet season takes a reliable afternoon deluge basically lasting some hours.

Weather Condition of Phu Quoc:

Phu Quoc | Best Time to Visit Vietnam

This is the island that has some of Vietnam’s amazing beaches which would be eye-catching and enjoyable for you too. Moreover, you may also disregard visiting in the season which would be rainy from July through September. The other months will be dry and hot, and Phu Quoc is an inspiring hot escape in January and December too.

Planning A Trip Could Be Irresistible:

When you just arrange your trip to visit Vietnam then this could be completely desirable or tempting. There are also various places to visit. The best part is that there are also several things for you to eat as well. The Best Time To Visit Vietnam could be that in which you would have complete preparation for your trip. The reason is Vietnam is a hard or complicated country that has to straddle 1,025 miles north to south. That is the rough distance as the rest of the distance could be measured when you see the place.

Figuring Out The Best Time To Visit Vietnam:

In case, if you are planning to find out the best and suitable time to visit Vietnam then you would search it which could be somewhat hard to search for a conclusive answer, particularly if you plan to visit both the south part of the country and the north part of the country as well. However, if the best and suitable time of the year to visit northern Vietnam is multiple then the perfect time to visit the southern part of the country too.

Amazing and Best Things to Do During Winters:

This question is something which comes to your mind often because this could be your first trip and you would be thinking about the things which you could do. But you do not have to worry as we are here to tell you everything. So, the first thing which you could do is that you could go to the beach in the south which will be complete fun for you. You can also have some water sports which would make your mind all fresh and you would have an enjoyable time. Now, there comes the best and most fun and the enjoyable thing which you could do is scuba diving, especially around Phu Quoc Island.

See More Options of Your Trip:

If you make a plan in the springtime then hiking would be the best option for yourself in the northern highlands and central highlands. The most attractive event of the year in Vietnam is the lunar New Year which is very exciting and all fun as well. There are many countries that close down during the span of time during the holidays of Vietnam. The overnight junk boat cruise would be so soothing and refreshing for you on Halong bay too.


We have explained to you all the important factors which are must for you to know. We have tried our level best to cover everything that could help you best in planning your trip in the best possible way. However, when you have the mood to plan your trip then you can keep these things in your mind as these things can help you to make your trip unforgettable and remarkable as well. It is utterly your choice if you aspire to go on the southern side of the Vietnam or northern side of Vietnam as well.

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